Coming Events

Thank you to all our visitors at the past Fresno Home and Garden Show! We look forward to seeing you next year at our next sale and judged show (rumor has it that it might involve a Mardi Gras theme—stay tuned!)

The Big Fresno Fair will be the next place that we will showcase our violets. This event isn’t sponsored by our club, but we will have information available, and members will be entering their violets. This event is open to the public, so if you have a beautiful blooming violet in October, be sure to enter—there are lots of prizes!

The Big Fresno Fair is held October 5 – 16, 2022. Entry day for violets will be October 2, 2022, from 9 am to 12 noon. The website is For more information, click on the tab for “Participate,” scroll to “Competitive Exhibits,” and then to “Option 3 – #4. Floriculture.” The African violet and gesneriad division begins on page 11. If you have questions, or would like help in preparing your violets for exhibit, please contact us. We’d love to help!